The Six Million Dollar Syllabus

What is “The Six Million Dollar Scholar” about?

In brief, “The Six Million Dollar Scholar” chronicles my attempts to make grad school as emotionally and spiritually fulfilling as it is intellectually stimulating. Last year I found myself questioning my place in the academy for the first time, at the exact same time I was dealing with major issues in my personal life. Now I’m bouncing back. I’m rebuilding myself, becoming the kind of scholar I want to be, and in the process realizing that being an academic superstar requires self-actualization far beyond the boundaries of the classroom. While directed specifically at young academics, a lot of the topics I discuss will resonate with introspective twentysomethings and the people who love them.

What makes this blog different?

This blog is about starting a conversation. Unhappy scholars produce unimpressive scholarship; nevertheless, academic culture leaves entirely too many of us clinging to the myth that if you’re not miserable, you’re doing something wrong. I’m entering my fifth year of graduate school and frankly, I’m over existential crises. I’m done with drama. Imposter syndrome? Passé. I’m (finally) letting go of the idea that having an opinion is off limits until one has tenure. I truly believe graduate school—and academia in general—can and should be fun, but only if we’re honest about the process we’re navigating as scholars and people. We need to be generous with ourselves and each other. Yes, SMDS is about my personal quest to become a better academic and human being, and at times reads like a diary, but it’s written with the hope that my voice augments the growing chorus of academicians that want more out of life than a fancy suffix and a living wage.

Are you a Six Million Dollar Scholar? Is there a topic you’d like to read more about, or wisdom you’d like to share? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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