WAWH 2015 Recap (with Storify!)

8 ball 3d illustration

My blogging has slowed to a crawl these days, which I regret tremendously, but the first chapter of my recently re-imagined dissertation is coming due, and I seem to have taken up residence behind the 8-Ball. I’m having much more fun than I anticipated, but I’m also writing slowly, and with far greater difficulty than I usually do. My colleagues in grad school used to resent the ease and speed with which I could churn out written work. No longer! Now that the stakes are high, the odometer is low. Such is life.

I’ve been struggling to determine how best to recap the 2015 WAWH experience, given the fact that I’m currently hoarding writing time, and have a bad case of end-of-year sloth. I can’t stress enough how good this conference was. It was my third year in a row at WAWH (for a reminder what WAWH is, check out this post), and I learned more, had more fun, and made more connections than even I thought possible. I didn’t want the event to get short shrift, but that’s pretty much all I have to offer.

Right before the conference it hit me: Storify the darned thing!! 


I’d never used Storify before, but it’s a great concept and I got the sense that it was pretty user-friendly, so why not give it a shot? It turned out to be incredibly easy to use, but the sheer magnitude of social media sources I’d acquired over two and a half days at WAWH meant I could have easily spent more time writing my “story” than I would have blogging. I had to sacrifice both quality and quantity, but the story I put together was still better than nothing.

The link I’m presenting, then, is a first draft of sorts. I say “of sorts,” because I’m not convinced I’m going to get around to writing a second draft. This first draft was crafted with the hope of capturing WAWH’s ethos; if I do write a second draft, it will delve into the nuts and bolts of the conference… tweets from panels, discussions of books presented at the reading, etc. We’ll just have to see how much stamina I have, and how difficult the dissertation-writing process decides it’s going to be.

For now, click here to enjoy the “storified” version of WAWH 2015!

“The Six Million Dollar Scholar” is the personal blog of Andrea Milne, a Ph.D. candidate in modern U.S. History at the University of California, Irvine. To get the story behind the blog’s name, click here.



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